Friday, September 14, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Torso Anatomy Study

Full Body Gestures

60 Seconds

Head Gestures

60 Second Heads

 60 Seconds

B&W Hard Brush Study

Value study done with only the hard round brush.  No pressure settings of any kind.

More Gestures

60 Seconds

30 Seconds

Rough Sketch

Rough sketch from reference.  Trying to work out proportion and anatomy.

Head Study Review

Just to lock things in from yesterday, some review 60 second head studies

Some Head Studies

60 Second Studies

90 Second Studies

Yurmby Wheel

Hey all,  thought I would post some resources for Gamut Mapping as described in James Gurney's Color and Light book.

Here is an online tool for generating Gamut Maps:

The Gamut Mask

and here is a nice downloadable Yurmby Wheel I found:

Value Study

This was my first piece of art since my long break. 

Value study of a banana.

Long Hiatus

Hey all,

I've been on a really long break.  Honestly I just burned out on art for a while.  I was considering hanging it up forever,  but now I'm back.  I've decided to tough it out and just see how far I can take it.